Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Most important Ways to Make Your Blog Popular on Search Engines

Today we will discuss about blog promotion.  I suggest you best way to boost your blog. I will share some common ways which you can apply to make your blog popular. These ways are simple to implement & they always work. Every day, thousands of blogs are being updated on Google & every blogger wants to make their blog popular on search engines, it’s a dream of every blogger. I know it’s not easy & can’t be done overnight. There are some  ways to get your blog popular in the right way.

1.Select a unique and beautiful  design  

Every blog & website should have a unique & impressive design. Always use a good looking & a simple theme for your blog. There are a lot of themes, you can find online. You can also buy these from professionals. If your blog design is impressing then visitors will attract & they will like your blog because people are attracted to something that is unique & interesting. Now to be truthful, if your blog has a poor design, people did not like to visit that blog.

2. Open comment & share button

Always open comments on your posts & reply them regularly. It will make the visitors active on your blog. Also comments on other blogs & leave your blog URL, if people will read interesting comment then they will visit & share your blog definitely. This will help spread the word about your blog. This is another great way to increase your popularity.

3. Submit your blog to search engines

Once you’ve shaped your blog, now you have to submit it to the main search engines including Google, Yahoo, Bing & Ask. After you let the search engines know that your blog actually exists & has new information to share, your pages will get indexed faster & blog will begin to appear in search results. It is important to submit your site’s pages to all the major search engines because even if the other engines have low traffic than Google, millions of users they still have. When you submit a URL or domain name to the search engines, it could take two to four weeks to get indexed.

4. Use social media effectively

Now days I think almost every blogger has a twitter account. Why bloggers only actually everyone has a twitter account & they use it to broadcast their life events & etc. When you publish new content on your blog, the information only reaches your current users, but social media is a great way to spread out your blog. So build your social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & Google plus etc. to promote your exciting new content & increase traffic to your site. Make a Facebook fan page, promote & update it daily, you can join this Facebook page to your blog. Use a Twitter timeline to deliver quality traffic to your blog. People follow you because they are interested in sharing things with you. They are most likely willing to check it out, what you tweet.

5. Add your blog to other blog communities

Blog communities & directories are also a good idea for making your blog popular. Other bloggers are regularly checking out these communities for information & networking. There are many communities you can submit your blog to but it’s better to attach with the ones which are famous & have a decent Google PR. Add your blog to blog directories & become an author of popular posts. Invite some online communities for visiting your blog, but in a good way.

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